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Our Purpose 


God is the great designer, and He made us in His image. At Ventura Missionary Preschool we discover God’s world and how He gave us the capacity to design within the world He has created for us.

Our Philosophy  


Ventura Missionary Preschool offers an informal integrated day designed to enhance the development of the total child. Our environment provides growth in developmentally age appropriate tasks foundational to preparation for formal learning in later years. Our teachers’ roles are to facilitate the children’s discoveries at their own individual levels of developmental readiness. We stress the importance of allowing children to pursue areas of learning in which they are most interested. Children’s work is their play, for through it they learn best and develop most fully.

Biblical principles are a naturally integrated base of our curriculum. We focus on Jesus Christ and His love for each child and how He desires for them to love Him also. Along with Bible stories, we emphasize applying attributes of God’s character. The children learn that they can talk to God through prayer anytime, anywhere.

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